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Post by Face on Tue Jul 26, 2011 10:00 pm

It was the 23rd of December, the most wonderful time of the year to some, but not to this young man. For this young man, a particular day was fast approaching. A day of bitter memories and despair. Tomorrow was the anniversary of the day that this young man had first begun his agnozing descent into misery and self-loathing. Tomorrow was his birthday.
But that's not important right now. What is important is that today is the day this young man embarks upon a quest with his closest friends. A quest that will shape not only the future of both him and his friends, but the entire universe.
His name is Matt Winters, a young hero who has yet to realize the tragedy that awaits him.

Matt sat alone in his room, reading through his favorite novel while looking to amend the parts he found sappy or heartwarming. His concentration was broken when the joyful tune of Christmas carols suddenly began playing from downstairs. He cursed something under his breath and tossed the book at the wall. How was he supposed to think in these conditions? He sighed and pulled out his laptop. Perhaps this was for the best, he thought, as he needed to check in his friends. Recently he and another friend of his had put together a plan to play a very important game. He opened his laptop and signed into pesterchum. He sat there, trying to ignore the haunting melody of "Silent Night" while waiting to see if anyone else was on.

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Post by Sparky on Wed Jul 27, 2011 5:18 pm


Eris Allard fought a yawn as she stared at the screen. This was going nowhere and fast. She supposed it served her right for procrastinating for so long. Tomorrow was Christmas Eve, and she was just now finishing up the photo collages she had made for everyone.

A soft chime pulled her attention away from her work. Someone had just signed into Pesterchum. She hesitated a moment, debating whether a distraction was really a good thing right now.

Screw it. She clicked on the window and pulled it to the front. Aha, she thought, the birthday boy himself.

-- hyperactiveHistorian [HH] began pestering facelessSchemer [FS] at 22:00 --
HH: evening, matt.
FS: ~Evening, Eris
FS: ~Are you still on for the game?
HH: i suppose.
FS: ~Getting cold feet then?
HH: not like i have much else in the way of plans, and as long as i don't destroy the house before cess's dinner party, i think i'm fine.
FS: ~Glad to hear it
FS: ~Have you heard anything from the others?
HH: no, i've actually been offline most of the day.
HH: needed to finish up everyone's presents.
HH: speaking of, i'm not really intending to wait two hours to wish you a happy birthday.
HH: so, happy birthday.
FS: ~I'd rather you didn't but
FS: ~You did anyway
FS: ~Thank you then
HH: type faster =P
FS: ~It's not my fault you don't have to use proper capitalization
HH: not my fault your hair obscures your ability to see what you type.
FS: ~Let's not talk about my hair
FS: ~We need to talk about what we're going to do about the game
FS: ~We're still doing the order, right?
HH: you, me, rick, joan, shea, evan?
FS: ~That's the one
HH: i haven't heard otherwise.
FS: ~And you have no objections then?
HH: i never said that.
FS: ~Of course
HH: you've told us next to nothing about this game.
HH: is it an mmo? board game? what?
FS: ~I don't know
HH: ...
HH: you're asking us to spend christmas playing a game that comes with no instructions
HH: that you found god only knows where
FS: ~Shep told me about it
HH: and you have no idea how it even works?
HH: shep tells us a lot of things.
HH: shep told me about hp lovecraft.
FS: ~What does Lovecraft have to do with this?
HH: i seem to remember you refusing to talk to me after i brought up some ideas from it in that one session...
FS: ~Because those were weird and you should feel bad
HH: got us out of that sidequest.
HH: i regret nothing.
FS: ~I bet
FS: ~I'll tell you what I do know about the game though
FS: ~Shep said it will require us to use the fullest extent of our abilities and work as one
HH: ...
FS: ~Also, I'm the leader
HH: and you thought having us play it was a wise decision?
HH: oh, even better.
FS: ~I thought it would be a good way to improve our teamwork
FS: ~And frankly, I was tired of Shep's sessions
HH: why's that?
FS: ~I don't know, I just got tired of the stories
HH: about chosen heroes saving the world?
FS: ~Save the princess, free the oppressed race, etc etc
FS: ~And that especially
FS: ~We need something new
FS: ~And it couldn't hurt to try it
HH: every time i tried to avert his stories, you got angry.
FS: ~Because your method of averting leads to terrible things
FS: ~Like what we mentioned earlier
HH: they aren't that terrible.
FS: ~I found them to be
FS: ~That reminds me
FS: ~Promise me this time, you're going to stay within the rules
HH: what rules?
HH: the game didn't come with any.
FS: ~...
FS: ~Then the rules that I make
FS: ~How's that?
HH: ...
FS: ~I am not hearing your approval
HH: i'm having a laughter-suppressant aneurysm.
FS: ~For the love of
FS: ~Okay, fine
HH: my sister's in bed. i don't want to wake her.
FS: ~Promise me that you'll at least listen to us when we tell you not to do something
FS: ~That shouldn't be hard, right?
HH: like what, spell colour and armour wrong?
FS: ~Your sarcasm is beginning to wear on me
HH: yes, i've noticed.
FS: ~Fine, be that way
HH: how about you make me a promise?
FS: ~Me?
HH: try and lighten up a bit.
FS: ~I do not believe that is necessary
HH: course you don't.
FS: ~But if it would make you feel better
FS: ~Then I will promise you that
FS: ~If you promise me first
FS: ~Otherwise, I am not obligated
HH: how about i promise to take your advice under consideration and follow through using my best judgment based on the situation at hand?
FS: ~Then I will take your advice into consideration as well
FS: ~But I make no promises
HH: how about an emote?
FS: ~No
HH: prove you actually know how to even fake a smile.
HH: colon-parenthesis.
HH: that's all i'm asking for now.
FS: ~Fine, I'll try
FS: ~:|
FS: ~I cannot go any further than that
HH: hit the wrong key there, buddy.
FS: ~You wanted an emote
FS: ~That's an emote
HH: it's a rather substandard one.
FS: ~We did not agree on what it should be
HH: i do believe i said precisely what i expected.
FS: ~Then you expect far too much of me
FS: ~I can only comply to the best of my ability
FS: ~And thus
HH: you fail.
FS: ~:|
FS: ~I accept my failure with dignity
FS: ~I embrace it even
HH: if you say so.
FS: ~Just another to add to my already long list
FS: ~Do you want to hear some of them?
HH: i think i'm good.
FS: ~Funny, I figured you would be the most amused by it
FS: ~But as you wish
HH: why are we starting so late, anyway?
FS: ~Because I was considering which would be the most appropriate time to bug you
HH: or you just forgot about time zones.
HH: again.
FS: ~That is a possibility
FS: ~If you would rather wait though, I can tell the others to hold
HH: i'm fine.
HH: like i said, i don't have to be anywhere.
HH: you may want to check on shea, though.
FS: ~Oh
FS: ~Right
FS: ~I'll go do that then
FS: ~See if you can get in touch with the others before we begin
HH: i'll try.
HH: and in case i don't remember to say it once the game starts
HH: happy christmas!
FS: ~Thank
FS: ~You
FS: ~Eris
HH: you're
HH: welcome
HH: matt
FS: ~I will speak with you later
HH: someone needs some holiday cheer
FS: ~No, I need to talk to Shea
HH: you know
HH: it is the 24th for her
FS: ~......
FS: ~Thank you for the warning
HH: consider it a birthday gift
FS: ~I liked it better when you sent me photos
HH: i am sending you photos.
HH: i just have to finish touching them up.
FS: ~Oh good
FS: ~Then I'll let you get on that
HH: appreciate it.
FS: ~Talk to you later
HH: later, matt.
-- facelessSchemer [FS] ceased pestering hyperactiveHistorian [HH] --

Eris closed the window and shook her head. As fun as it was to push Matt's buttons, she missed the days where he was actually pleasant to talk to. Maybe this game of his would put him in a better mood. One could only hope.

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Post by Oblivion on Fri Jul 29, 2011 10:58 pm

Soda in the desk fridge, check. Sweets on the computer tower, check. Other munchies stocked in the drawer, check. Game, check. A fresh pot of hot tea, just finished. Check. Shea was about as set for an all-night gaming marathon as she could be without a direct Caffeine IV.

Now just to wait until everyone was online and ready to go. She had been looking forward to this game for almost a week now, ever since her own Beta disks had arrived; she'd figured being overseas would make them take longer, but they had shown up right on the expected delivery date without any complications. A bit unexpected, especially since some of the stateside folks didn't get their copies until just a few days ago. She'd been worried that they wouldn't be able to start on time, if someone didn't receive their copy soon enough. Thankfully it seemed that wasn't going to be a problem.

Shea carefully set the teapot on the far side of her desk and poured herself a drink. Thick steam rose from the mug as she slid over to her computer chair and nudged the mouse to dismiss her screensaver. Pesterchum was already up and online, though set as idle; nearly everyone was on, minus just Rick and Evan; the former was probably busy with one thing or another, and the latter... who knows. She knew exactly who she needed to bug first.

-- amazonaReveille [AR] began pestering hyperactiveHistorian [HH] --
AR: How much loooooonger?
HH: until what?
AR: Until we start the game, duh!
HH: i have no idea.
HH: matt's rounding up everyone, last i heard.
HH: how are you still awake?
AR: Really strong tea and a stash of soda. >_>
HH: worry me at times.
AR: :D
AR: What about you?
HH: it's only 2200 here.
HH: not quite that late.
AR: Well, I told the guys and Joan that I'd be here so no sleep for me, I'm okay with that. ;)
HH: nothing planned for tomorrow, then?
AR: Nope. Big day everyone'll be home and we'll have a day together for once, but tomorrow's just another workday.
AR: And since no school for me, that means sleeping in.
AR: :)
HH: fair enough.
HH: so do you know anything about this game?
AR: Not really!
AR: I heard a little about it on the internet, but it seems to be getting rather ignored. Not very popular.
HH: well, it is only the beta.
AR: True.
AR: You think more people would at least be curious.
AR: Oh well!
HH: at least this means we'll have a nice quiet game.
AR: With this group?
HH: i meant it'd just be us. =P
AR: Suuuuuure.
AR: So how does this thing work anyway? :?
HH: this thing.
AR: The game!
HH: silence, i am tired.
AR: <_<
HH: cecily shanghaied me into cleaning the house top to bottom today.
HH: anyway, i suppose you just install both discs and wait.
HH: we're supposed to connect in order, but that's all i know.
AR: Yeah, I remember Matt saying something about that.
AR: What's the order?
HH: matt, me, rick, joan, you, evan
AR: Yaaaaaay, more waiting. >_>
AR: And isn't it like the middle of the afternoon in Evan's neck of the woods?
HH: so he's probably just waking up.
HH: lazy.
AR: Heehee.
AR: If he misses his turn someone stateside may have to call him.
HH: i doubt he will.
HH: it's a gaming thing, isn't it?
AR: Touche!
HH: hopefully we'll be starting soon, though.
AR: Yeah.
AR: If we haven't started in the next couple of hours, even caffine won't keep me up.
HH: you could take a quick nap.
AR: Yes, and either be woken up and guuuuuuhhhhhh for a while or miss the call completely.
AR: This is a brilliant plan and cannot in any forseeable event fail.
HH: you'd rather fall asleep while we play?
AR: Pfft, I'll hit a second wind before then. >_>
HH: mhm.
HH: i'm remembering maths class.
AR: Oh that does not even count.
HH: mhm.
AR: Alright, I'm going to get something sugary to keep me awake.
HH: good luck with that.
AR: :D
-- amazonaReveille [AR] ceased pestering hyperactiveHistorian [HH] --

Mmmmm, homemade cookies... ^_^ She plucked a few from the pile and took a bite. Hmm. Needs milk. Shea plopped the retrieved goodies back on their platter and hopped up, headed back toward the kitchen.

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Post by Face on Thu Jan 12, 2012 9:42 pm

No sooner had Matt signed on then a chime signaled a message from his best friend. Just the person he had been meaning to speak with.

-- hyperactiveHistorian [HH] began pestering facelessSchemer [FS] at 22:00 --
HH: evening, matt.
FS: ~Evening, Eris
FS: ~Are you still on for the game?
HH: i suppose.
He then proceeds to have the rest of a conversation that has already been read.

Matt sighed and leaned his head back against the wall. So far so good. He was glad Eris was still interested. He figured she would have given him a lot more trouble about this game, but so long as she didn't ask too many questions, everything should be fine. Hopefully she would make good on her promise too.
Well, now it was time to speak with Shea. He wanted to smack himself for forgetting about the time zones, but he would save the self-inflicted abuse until after he was sure that everything was ready.

-- facelessSchemer [FS] began pestering amazonaReveille [AR] --
FS: ~Shea?
FS: ~Are you still awake?
AR: Present!
FS: ~Good
AR: I think so.
AR: That might just be the sugar talking though :D
FS: ~Shea...
FS: ~Don't tell me you are indulging in massive amounts of sugar to stay awake right now
AR: Okay, I won't. :)
FS: ~Good to know
FS: ~So does that mean you're still up for the game?
AR: Yep. I'm set to stay up for a few hours at least. ^_^
AR: When do we begin?
FS: ~Well the thing is
FS: ~If it's too late for you, we can wait
AR: Nah, I'm alright. :D
FS: ~I completely forgot to keep the timezones in mind
FS: ~Are you sure?
AR: I have absolutely zero plans tomorrow. It's the day before Christmas so my parents and aunt are still working, but I'm out of school so I'm home doing nothing.
AR: I can sleep in until noon if I need just fine.
AR: ;)
FS: ~Well, all right
FS: ~We'll be starting soon
FS: ~I just need to make sure everyone is ready
AR: Alright.
AR: Eris gave me the game order, so I'm going to have to sit waiting anyway.
FS: ~It shouldn't be too long
FS: ~As long as we do things according to plan, you'll be playing with the rest of us in no time
AR: Awesome.
FS: ~Just try not to force yourself to stay awake though
FS: ~If you fall asleep, nobody will hold it against you
AR: I don't think I could go to sleep right now if I tried! :D
FS: ~Great
FS: ~Though that also worries me
FS: ~I'd rather not experience one of your sugar rushes
AR: >_>
AR: <_<
FS: ~Shea?
FS: ~How much sugar have you had?
AR: Um...
AR: I'm on my second glass of tea, I've had a cupcake and three cookies and half a glass of milk. I haven't opened the Pepsi yet.
AR: Oh and there was the baklava earlier.
FS: ~Baklava?
AR: It's soooooo gooooood
FS: ~It um
FS: ~Looks good
FS: ~Right, so I think it might be good to start very soon now
AR: Okay!
FS: ~Which means I should go talk to one of the others
FS: ~Have you heard anything from them yet?
AR: Just Eris, though Joan's on and I need to get back to her. I think someone needs to wake Evan up.
FS: ~Why? Is he still asleep?
AR: He's not online...
FS: ~Isn't it the afternoon for him?
AR: Should be!
FS: ~Maybe his cousin is giving him trouble again
AR: Maybe.
FS: ~I better save him for last then
FS: ~I suppose I'll go speak with Joan
AR: Alright.
FS: ~Though I would rather leave her to Eris
AR: Whatever works :)
FS: ~But being leader means I have to check on everyone, unfortunately
FS: ~I will speak with you later, Shea
FS: Don't exert yourself
AR: Alright, good luck :D
AR: Don't worry about me, I have enough to last all night :D
FS: ~You might want to
FS: ~Never mind, do what you will
FS: ~Farewell
AR: Bye!
-- facelessSchemer [FS] ceased pestering amazonaReveille [AR] --

Feelings of guilt began to build within Matt, which was nothing out of the ordinary. Shea might have had no problem staying up later than usual for a simple game, but this was not a simple game. Worse yet, Matt knew there was no chance of rescheduling. It had to happen today.
He supposed he would simply have to make it up to Shea somehow when he had the time. RIght now there was more pressing matters to attend to.

-- hibernalHawkshaw [HH] began pestering facelessSchemer [FS] --

Now who the devil is this?

HH: Good day, Seerr.
FS: ~Seerr?
FS: ~Who are you?
HH: A fellow playerr of Sgrrub.
FS: ~You mean Sburb?
HH: Yes.
HH: My verrsion had a differrent title, it seems.
FS: ~Are you sure Sgrub wasn't one of those lame bargain bin rip-offs?
HH: I am fairrly cerrtain.
HH: It did, afterr all, brring my parrty to the Veil.
FS: ~To the what?
HH: A rring of meteorrs beyond Prrospit and Derrse but not quite to the Grreen Sun.
FS: ~That answers one question, but only raises more
HH: How so?
FS: ~Well to start with
FS: ~I have absolutely no idea what you are talking about
HH: Oh.
HH: It seems I may have jumped the gun a bit.
HH: My apologies.
FS: ~Apology accepted
FS: ~Now would you mind telling me who you are exactly?
HH: I am one of those who crreated yourr univerrse.
FS: ~Good to know
FS: ~So you're a god?
HH: I suppose that's the technical terrm forr it.
FS: ~An omniscient force beyond my comprehension?
HH: A luckless fool who stumbled into a position of extrreme rresponsibility.
FS: ~Sounds like there's a tragic story behind that
HH: I would say it depends on yourr perrspective.
HH: Perrsonally, I don't feel ourr storry is finished yet. I can't yet call it a trragedy.
FS: ~That's disappointing
FS: ~So why are you pestering me?
HH: I wish to offerr aid.
HH: My companions and I have been thrrough the game you arre about to play.
FS: ~So you're going to give us a walkthrough?
HH: It is quite difficult and unforrgiving at times.
HH: I can't, unforrtunately.
FS: ~I'll admit, that sounds handy
HH: Each session is differrent. Verry differrent.
FS: ~So you can't help us
HH: I can advise you.
HH: I can't give you specifics.
FS: ~So you'll be like an annoying fairy and give us tips?
HH: Fairries arre harrdly annoying.
HH: But yes, if that is how you wish to phrrase it.
FS: ~Are you kidding?
FS: ~Fairies are weird perky floating...things
FS: ~And they all have high-pitched voices
FS: ~How do you not find that annoying?
HH: I suppose this is a culturral differrence.
HH: Interresting.
FS: ~Well, I'm not sure if we'll really require your help
FS: ~We have someone who can help us already
HH: Do you?
FS: ~Yes, a friend of mine
FS: ~No offense to you
HH: None taken.
FS: ~But I would place my trust in him
HH: I was simply unawarre that therre was anyone else in contact with you that had extensive knowledge about the game.
FS: ~From what I can tell, he knows a lot about it
HH: Is he one of the otherr playerrs?
FS: ~No, actually
FS: ~He's sitting this game out
HH: I see...
HH: Arre you cerrtain he knows the game as well as you say he does?
FS: ~He's the one who told me about it
FS: ~So I don't exactly doubt his knowledge
HH: So he is awarre that Sgrrub destrroys the planet?
FS: ~What
FS: ~What do you mean by that?
HH: I'm sorrrry, I thought I was being clearr.
FS: ~I understood what you said
FS: ~But I don't know what you mean by it
HH: By destrroying the planet?
FS: ~Yes, how is it destroyed?
HH: RRenderred incapable of sustaining its currrrent population.
HH: Wiped clean of all intelligent societies.
HH: RRegrressed to a darrk age.
HH: Sacrrificed to a grreaterr purrpose.
HH: RReturrned to a prrehistorric state.
HH: Sees its population rrenderred null.
FS: ~I get the picture
HH: Sorrrry, I seem to have gone on a tangent.
FS: ~So let me get this straight
FS: ~This game destroys the planet?
FS: ~OUR planet?
HH: No.
FS: ~But you just said it did
HH: Its installation dirrectly coincides with the alrready in-prrogrress destrruction of yourr planet.
HH: The game prreserrves a verry small sampling of the dominant species.
FS: ~Oh okay
FS: ~Now it all makes sense
HH: I'm glad.
HH: I had initially thought you would dismiss this as senseless rraving.
FS: ~Oh don't worry about that
FS: ~I am taking you as seriously as I need to right now
FS: ~I will go tell my friends that the game is off and we'll save the planet
FS: ~That sound good?
HH: I think you misunderrstand me.
FS: ~No, I'm sure I understand you perfectly
FS: ~You're obviously trolling me
HH: Of courrse.
HH: That is how Trrollian worrks.
FS: ~At least you're honest about
FS: ~Trrollian?
HH: My chat client.
HH: What is yourrs called?
FS: ~There's a chat client specifically for trolls?
HH: Well, yes.
HH: Just as therre is one specifically forr humans.
FS: ~Okay
FS: ~Who put you up to this
FS: ~Was it Eris?
HH: Who is Erris?
FS: ~This better not be another lame birthday present
HH: Birrthday?
HH: Oh, it's yourr wrriggling day.
FS: ~That is not the same thing
HH: It seems the closest equivalent.
FS: ~That's not even a real day
HH: It most cerrtainly is!
FS: ~Look, I was willing to take you seriously at first
FS: ~But now you're just being a troll
HH: Yes.
HH: I can't prrecisely help that.
FS: ~You can try
HH: I don't think trrying would rrectify ourr differrences in species.
FS: ~Yeah, I don't have time for this
FS: ~I have business to take care of
HH: Yes.
HH: The game.
HH: The game I am trrying to help you with.
FS: ~I will gladly accept your help when you decide to be less of a troll
FS: ~But for now, I'm done speaking with you
HH: Um.
HH: That is a bit offensive, if you don't mind my saying so.
HH: You don't see me complaining that you'rre a human.
FS: ~I hate it to break it to you
FS: ~But you're one too
HH: Not last I checked.
FS: ~Then talk to me when you are
FS: ~Goodbye
-- facelessSchemer [FS] ceased pestering hibernalHawkshaw [HH] --
HH: That actually went betterr than anticipated.

What a nuisance. What did they think they could accomplish by trolling him? Still, there was something odd about that conversation. How were they aware of their plan to play Sburb? He had thought this was a trolling attempt on Eris' part, but upon further consideration that seemed unlikely. Eris would not create an alternate account just to get his goat, that sort of behavior was already commonplace with her. And to use the same initials was just too sloppy.
No, this was something else. This person offered aid to a complete stranger and had apparently played the game as well, or at least something similar. Perhaps he was too hasty. If there was information to be had, then it would be better keep an open ear. He just had to remember to take the advice with a grain of salt.

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